why can't wind shear

Interrupt hunter shots? It is after all a physical interrupt through wind who can shoot a bow with a large burst of air hitting them. Come on look what tornados and hurricanes do no way an arrow can go into it accurately.
If we are going to real life arguments here let me point out that it is impossible to turn someone into a frog so $#$% it lets just remove Hex from the game.
considering we can stand upright while getting clawed by a dragon the size of a 747, It is safe to say the only law of physics that Azeroth has is gravity.
So now logic isn't a part of a fictional video game? Anyways it was a thought thanks for stomping any sort of support out of my mind. I should have not posted isn't that what the shaman forums are for nay saying every topic that comes up srzly who defends a hunter.
so long as you understand
The reason you can't use standard logic here is that it doesn't apply.

As Delmarva said, we can be struck by creatures much larger then ourselves and continue to stand upright. We can jump from great heights into water and be fine.

Now, from a mechanics standpoint... I don't know. One day, when I level my hunter and understand the class a bit better, I may be able to speak on this. Until then, happy hunting.
lol it's magic I ain't gotta explain s.h.i.t

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