Lost my grand black war mammoth.

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So i faction changed before the patch came out with account mounts (to ally) and kept all my mounts. The day mop came out i went back to horde with alot of my friends, and only today did i notice my grand black war mammoth was gone and my frostwolf howler? Ive faction changed back and forth about 5 times and never had this happen?
The mounts became account bound with the patch, faction specific mounts no longer switch when you faction change. They remain on the faction that they belong to, the mounts are still on the other faction and are available to any characters that you have on that faction.
After 5.0.4 came out on 8/28, mounts became bound to the account, not the character. Since you were Alliance at the time, any mounts that are faction specific are now Alliance mounts and cannot be accessed by Horde characters, even if you faction change.

Your Frostwolf Howler would have changed to a Stormpike Battle Charger since you transferred to Alliance before the change went into effect and should still be available to any Alliance characters you have. The Grand Black War Mammoth is also faction specific and is now bound to only Alliance characters as well since that is the faction you were when 5.0.4 came out.

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