"Lost and Found" Weapon Not In Inventory

Bug Report
Right after the Trollbane server came back up today at roughly 1:25pm EST, I found and attempted to loot the "Swarming Cleaver of Ka'roz" in the Dread Wastes at location 56, 77 on my character called Luthor. I recieved the achievement "Lost and Found" for doing this however I did not aquire the item and it vanished from off the sea floor after I had clicked it. I checked back through the chat logs and did not see that I had looted it nore after waiting for a few minutes was it in my bags.
ticket #31490353
finally got to talk with a gm on my very same issue..they said tough luck nothing they will do which is what i fully expected from them.they could see i was there and they can see that i got the achiev to but pretty much said if i wanted it go spend another week camping it
I would wait for the response on the ticket. The same thing just happened to me a few days ago i provided all the information and they restored and sent my weapon in the mail took like 2 days.

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