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Okay well first off I want to say I am not a RPer or anything but I tried posting a Transmog help topic before already and got no where, well figured maybe the RP community might know of some good ideas that might help me being that RPers usually find the best transmog stuff for their selves etc.

For anyone saying bout letters etc(in my name) I'd of had the actual name but the person with the name was active anyway so yeah.

Anyway to get to the point, I am trying to make a DragonBall Z transmog for this guy, I originally wanted to go with the orange outfit, but to my luck in finding good orange leather, I haven't found anything worth using at all! So if anyone has any ideas on that, I would gladly take them.

Anyway if you inspect my character you will see I have almost all pieces transmogged cept for my gloves and boots, which I have boneshredder boots and gloves for those, as this is a transmog for the Saiyan armor. My issue with this set is the pants, anyone know of better blue leather pants that more/less match this shirt I am using?? I currently have diff ones that are slightly off atm as I am lvling so if you read this and dont see my trransmog ones, they are a really faded almost jean-like blue, which is killing it for me.

Any and ALL helpful ideas would be awesome!

I used a site listing transmog ideas(it was very limited to say the least) as well I have Mogit but I sometimes find that Mogit doesn't have everything so I also searched the AH incase but found nothing. The shoulders I have now are off yes as I am waiting for a leatherworker to make much better shoulders for the set!

Thank You.
The best I can offer is this set with a black belt: http://www.wowhead.com/transmog-set=1053
You are on the right start dude here is mine, it is as close as you can get with this game, My undershirt is my own guild shirt, our colors are blue and its the sleeveless one from the Guild vendor

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