My rep is gone and my ticket was closed

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I race changed on this character and lost all of my alliance rep. I opened ticket US31478132 and the ticket was closed with no resolution. I still dont have my rep. If this is a bug that will be addressed soon in some patch, can I at least be told that much?
It was closed with no resolution - what did they say?

What rep did you have before that is missing now?
The alliance rep. My rep has reset to the values that a level 1 has. Specifically 3650 friendly with factions other than starting race.
Yes. It is marked as resolved and there is no "i still have a problem" button.
Well what is in the response when you open it? If it's marked as resolved it has text written by the GMs.
Welcome to the newest expansion of World of Warcraft! We appreciate the information you have provided regarding your recent in-game experience. Rest assured that these details will be investigated fully and anything working less than perfect will be fixed as soon as possible.

Please keep an eye on our forums for updates on known issues by visiting

Not super helpful is it?
You must have said something that made it sound like you were reporting a bug rather than requesting a change to one of your characters.

You need to keep it concise. "Character-Realm lost all <alliance> reputation when the character transferred. I would like you to give me the reputation that was lost incorrectly during the transfer".

BTW, if you are complaining about Argent Tournament rep, you are supposed to lose it all.
No, the alliance rep. Darnassus, Ironforge, Stormwind, Exodar, Gnomergan, and Gilneas.

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