3 Person package

Hello Stormreaver! Two friends of mine and myself just transferred to this server with the release of MoP and are seeing what guilds are out there and if they need 3 people to fill raid spots.

We are Prot Warrior, Holy Priest, Holy Paladin.

All three of us have been playing since Vanilla and raiding since Burning Crusade.
I know the Warrior and Priest were in top end guilds for most of BC but I think they sort of went casual for WOTLK/Cata but are good players none the less.

My personal raid experience is clearing everything minus Sunwell during BC, Cleared all hardmodes in WOTLK current content (HM LK@15% buff) and then took a break and went semi casual for Cata.

Long story short version: Three good raiders trying to see what this server has to offer guild/raiding wise.

Thanks in advance! <3
we would be interested in chatting with you. Whisper Laz or myself in game
If you are wanting to play on ally come talk to me offheals or ogheta about raiding with Tenx

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