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before wrath of lich king and faction transfers some servers were imbalanced but the actual effect on your personal growth as a toon and as a player was not affected to much.

however in wrath of lichking with faction and server transfers faction imbalance became a greater concern to the sane playerbase.

however blizzard decided that creating a zone that heightend faction imbalance would be a good idea. wintergrasp comes to mind

wintergrasp with its "tenacity buff" was touted as being able to tie up the loose ends if your faciton had less people.

this was a complete lie and remained unfixed your ability to progress in pvp and pve was stilted because blizzard refused to actully cap how many could enter on ethier side until the very end of this expansion.

now lets say im somewhere between casual and hardcore what am i going to do if i cant access bosses or loots on my server because of a judgement call by blizzard on balancing a key zone.

im going to faction transfer because blizzard is telling me its a complicated issue and they dont want to intermingle.

now at the very VERY end of wrath of lichking blizzard said okay we are going to cap out wintergrasp and the new zone with epic loots will be balanced and capped for players amirite.

however the design of tol borad still favored whichever side had more players further complicating the problem why?!?

because unlike wintergrasp blizzard said we dont like how easy it was for the opposing faction to grab wintergrasp so we decided to balance it towards the defenders rather then the attackers.

what did this mean. this meant that dispite blizzard saying it was more balanced then wintergrasp and there was a cap that meant that the side that could rally more players at off hours would generally hold it the whole day because it favored the defenders in this case the side that had more people on it..

fastforward to mists of pandaria.

the honor and conquest vendors are in easily pickoffable places by the opposite faction in the middle of nowhere.

now granted these honor/conquest vendors dont dole out raiding gear which means it wont affect pve but again, this design decision affects world pvp only slightly all it does is provide easy griefing for the side that has more players then the other.

since wrath of the lich king faction imbalance has been encouraged and although they said it was fixed it in tolborad it was not fixed in the slightest possible way it only appeared to be fixed.

please dont put the vendors in easily gankable locations if you want more pvp make something like halaa that provides a buff like wintergrasp for all of mists of pandaria dont make people suffer because of problems that have occured that are not the players fault

This is a design problem that is the developers fault not the players fault

This is not world pvp its just griefing on faction imbalanced servers world pvp means you have a chance at fighting back but in this case you dont.

sorry but its true its a large problem dont pretend its not there dont say ohh the alliance or horde can defend there vendors because on inbalanced servers no they cannot and this situation dosent make the world feel more alive it dosent make it feel better it just makes it feel worse when your on the underdog side.

its like every expansion they have to introduce something that favors having more people then the other in a large way and this does because it affects battleground players and arena players.

its not something thats "fun" when you dont have a real hope of defending or conquering a objective because even though you have skilled players your numbers just cant beat the opposing side due to a variety of issues that have persisted since wrath of the lich king, and gotten worse since blizzard introduces mechanics that reward faction imbalance.

the issues from wintergrasp are the same issues with these pvp vendors it encourages people to faction transfer and to therefore make the problem worse.

im not accusing you guys blizzard of being greedy im accusing you guys of making some poor design decisions
faction imbalance is a huge issue on blackrock with a 0.22 a/h ratio. been that way for almost 5 years now and with the focus of world pvp MoP has taken and the required daily grinds griefing is a huge issue id like a blue post on this issue noting whats steps could possibly be taken to help with faction imbalance on those realms that severely need it. i know in the few weeks leading up to MoP i would do my tb dailies and run tb as often as possible even though it would consistently be me v 5-6 horde on good days there may be 2-3 alli that que. Like i said i see this as a huge issue thats only been compounded by crz. it is severely discouraging to think that no steps are being taken to address the issues because of pure greed on blizzards part. i xferred my mains off of this realm during cata with the release for 4.2 as molten front dailies were impossible with raids(never less than 5 horde) grouping for the sole purpose of griefing those trying to complete dailies. im sure ill get flamed "dont roll pvp noob" and the like. I really do enjoy world pvp, and like that this expansion has focused on it to the extent that it has. my suggestion for handling this would be to open free faction changes to the dominant faction and cap the number of players that can switch and see what that does for balance, im sure it wont fix all the issues but it would be a start and at least then id know blizz is taking the issue seriously, as they should because my irl friends dont play anymore for this very issue and if things dont shape up ill take my monthly entertainment budget elsewhere.

sorry for the wall of text but this has been a very stressful week dealing with these issues.

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