Having Issues with a Warrior Macro NEED HELP

UI and Macro
Okay this is only a warrior macro because of the abilities used in the Macro I'm sure you could use this kind of thing on any class.

This is the Macro that I typed up

#showtooltip Battle Shout
/cast Battle Stance
/equipset PvP Arms Set or /equip "weapon" (which is a 2 handed weapon)
/cancelaura Hand of Protection
/cancleaura Hand of Freedom
/cast Battle Shout

I use this for when I want to switch back to Battle Stance, clear Protection, and keep Freedom off of enemy mages...and use my 2 hander weapon to smash faces etc. But for some reason it is only currently casting Battle Shout and that is it.

Does anyone have any idea if I did something wrong like make a stupid spelling mistake I keep looking over or anything else along those lines.

Any feedback would be awesome :D
I am entirely retarded....

I didn't notice that the Battle Shout icon had no letters on it and realized that i had not been using the macro at all....>.<

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