Horde PvP on KJ?

Considering transferring over here as I know this is one of the more active PvP servers and just wondering if there options for PvP guilds and the like. Current server that I'm on blows, I can't find a BG team/guild anywhere.

KJ is full, go to Frostwolf.
10/03/2012 04:37 PMPosted by Aleous
KJ is full, go to Tichondrius.

Free transfers are to Frostwolf though.
Currently kj is not accepting many xfers. Of course there is tons of pvp and wpvp but because our que is a couple of hours at log in i heard it is difficult to get xfer here and many have been declined. Good luck.
Transfer application denied.
I know, but Frostwolf is where they are trying to funnel people.

Don't argue with me. Go play with your goggles some more and look for stuff that belongs in a museum.

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