Boomkin needing help!

So my main focus is resto, always has been, probably always will be!

Unfortunately, right now I need to work on my Balance. Currently I'm doing about 10k less dps than the other folks I run with. I believe I'm using the right priority/rotation for spell casting (and it's keybound). Is there someplace in my stats that I'm messing up? (Do I need crit? I've noticed that starsurge never proc's anymore).

Any help on stat priority other than the: "Intellect > 15% Spell Hit (Hit | Spirit) > Haste (Breakpoint) > Crit > Mastery" would be greatly appreciated.
boomkin dps is heavily dependent on 3 things

1. being solar/lunar at the right time - especially for aoe packs, having solar hurricane/mushrooms or lunar astral storm/starfall up. need to constantly astral communion to make sure youre in eclipse for trash
2. number of targets available - obviously more targets available the better off you are. eg ultraxion we sucked at, compared to valiona and theralion. same logic for rbgs, just multi-dot everyone etc
3. length of fight - longer the better. since most of our dps is from dots, with extra dps from starfall + starsurge procs, the longer the fight the more ticks

point here is that if the trash packs die within like 30 secs, a warriors bladestorm is going to outdps you, but if the fight was longer, youd eventually catch up

use CA/incarnation/NV to increase damage obviously.

your stat priority is pretty much correct except mastery is better than crit.
We seem to have fairly good single target damage with proper use of eclipse and cds. But our aoe damage for mobs is a little lacking. I have heard that we are heavily secondary stat dependent for our dps which means until our gear is raid quality we will have to work for those dps numbers. On single target fights I can be in the 40-50k dps range, sometimes higher. The trash mobs vary greatly and I am usually around 30k dps. I think some balance re-balancing is in order.

Any help on stat priority other than the: "Intellect > 15% Spell Hit (Hit | Spirit) > Haste (Breakpoint) > Crit > Mastery" would be greatly appreciated.

The stat priority has been turned on its head in a way.

It's now: Int > Hit/Spi (to 15% cap) > Crit > Haste = Mastery

Haste and Mastery are very close in how they're weighed in MoP now, however one can come out on top over the other on a case by case basis (ie: gear, break points, ect). You'll have to use wrathcalcs to figure out which one you'll want to focus on.

You'll also want to use your cool downs together to form a nice synergy. Start off fights one cast away from Lunar eclipse. When the fight starts use Starfall and then Starsurge. When your lunar procs your Starfall will come back off cd. At this point use Incarnation/NV and go about your rotation as usual. You should hit the mid point at with out 15s left on Incarnation. At this point use CA and finish out Incarn.

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