Crit Rating and Fury PvP - Questions

yo guys, with the recent threads on the possible growing viability of Fury in arenas and pvp in general i tried to make a little headway myself on the topic. i am almost full season 12 ( only dont have wrists and 2 rings) and have the Malevolent Chest.

with the "corens cold chromium trinket" (+904 crit rating) and some experimental Gemming (check my armory, mostly pvp power+ crit and Str + Crit gems)(budget gemming to the max) im currently sitting at 15.36% crit with 2 heroic 2 handers that dont come stock with crit on them. im at 3% hit, 5% expertise and about 19% mastery.

i am no where near well versed in warrior pvp, this is my first 90 and my first warrior so i am really learning on a curve here.

my question is this: Where does my crit % need to be at, in your guys opinion to start bringing fury into the game here when it comes to arenas or RBGS? are the posts about enrage dispels not mattering "as much" even viable and realistic?

for some reason i just want to play TG Fury in PvP and i guess this is my lame attempt at figuring out if its gonna be viable or not. let me know what going on here guys, please.
went into my 1st bg and with buffs im sitting at 21%, maybe idk.
(edit) Did some reading up myself and found hit cap is 3%!

First thing you are going to want to do. Get that hit rating up to 5%.
You need that to be hit capped for your special attacks. There's nothing worse than missing a pummel or hamstring at an important moment. With BT being key to rage generation now, you really don't want that to be missing either.

As for Fury viability... I can't say, I'm not high enough to judge yet. Although I do feel that its probably best to start off as Arms until you get a reasonable amount of crit to proc Raging Blow enough. Thats what I plan to do at least.
i was just going with the noxxic hit cap, i know it is prolly wrong but ill get that hit up to 5% if your saying thats where it needs to be at.
Well, that is what I am use to. If there are new numbers on it then you should maybe follow those.

I'm a returning player, so I still have some stuff I need to check up on myself.

(edit) Yeah it appears the hit cap is 3% after doing some reading up myself. News to me!
can anyone let me know something about the questions im proposing?
7.5% hit and exp for pve. not sure pvp
bump for the need of suggestions and and opinions on my OP. please warriors let me know if fury is viable in arenas atm, with the idea that im sitting at 16%+ crit atm. id love to hear some final words on enrage dispells, stat weights, and gem choices.

get back to me felllas.
Arms still has it with constant. Overpower. Proc
Op you want to make crit a priority over everything because crit scales better for fury then even strength due to how Raging blow is set up to work of BT and csmash crits. ideally 25% is gonna be where we will be getting RB pretty regular (blood thirst has a double crit component) and of course anything higher just makes it even better.

Atm because crit is pretty low on gear arms might be the better one to start on but if you can forge/gem crit up to 20% and run with a class that brings the crit buff (feral/mage and i think enhance shammy i could be wrong on the last one) then you will be set. otherwise it might be a little tough to get consistent charges of raging blow. However, i think fury will be equal with arms once we get more crit rating due to having the same utility and being able to have extra stats from a 2nd 2h.

Ie give it some time to build up your crit

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