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I am in Irvine, CA (yes, home to Blizzard) and have Cox Communications High Speed Internet and I am having extreme latency issues. Prior to 5.0; I was constantly under 100 ms for both home and world. I am now in the 250-800 ms range. I have researched this topic and have done all the necessary things that Blues would suggest. My TraceRoute suggests it is not my hardware nor speaking with Cox Communications is it anything on their end. I have read in other posts about issues with latency and "cable" internet providers. Please advise.

I forgot to mention that I have no high latency issues with Diablo III and other MMOs.
Show us your traceroutes then :P

So both home and world are high ?

Are you running your traceroute to the realm / world server IP addresses or to the login server ?

Login servers on

Is it high in capital cities as well ?
So I did a little testing myself and I noticed that when i logged into the VELEN server; my latency was between 250-800 ms as compared to a Dragonblight; the latency was between 10-20 ms. Any help would be fantastic!

That's interesting. As according to :


Velen is in the New York Datacenter while Dragonblight is in the LA Datacenter. As is the login server from the looks of things.

This would explain why your traceroutes to the Login server look ok - it's probably going into the same datacenter as Dragonblight if not then are travelling similar network paths.

Try running on to the Velen Realm when you are experiencing the bad latency and post that traceroute, Grab the IP from the URL I've linked.

I'm interested to see at which IP address it goes into the datacenter at.
According to Blizzard Support; it is a known issue with the New York Data Center.
Over a month later, still having extreme latency on the New York datacenter realms. All of them. Always around the same time, 8:30CST/9:30EST(server time).
I would just like to add .. I am one of the many affected by this server issue with cox communications... I have had my cable provider out here 6 times now.. replaced every line coming in to my house and have a brand new modem which was swapped two times by my provider as a "just in case" I have a hardline now (no wireless). I now no longer have ANY data loss on my line, my speeds are great and everything works wonderfully.. until I log into wow..

As others have stated... I have most of these issues at night usually around 8 pm server.. (I call them raid demons) since that is my raid time :P ... but all jokes aside .. this is really affecting my game play. As far as I can tell through testing, this is not the case for any other ISP in my city as I have logged in from both other major providers and not had this issue. Guessing it won't help since this issue has been going on for over a month now.. but I wanted to let you know ..

Ps Chicago server Malfurion

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