Brewfest Celebration..with Clan Battlehammer!

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Clansmen, gentledwarves, and allies, pay heed...

Brewfest is back!

Tis Clan Battlehammer's favorite time of the year. And what dwarf would disagree? A holiday, all about brew! We would like to invite everyone to come celebrate this wondrous holiday the Battlehammer way. Come and sample the finest of ales and all the good food to go with it. This is a time for fun and celebration. A time where we can put aside our disputes, and just celebrate!! Contests will be held, and prizes will be won.

On Sunday, October 7th we invite everyone to create a level 1 Dwarf to hop on over to Ironforge. When you create your level 1 Dwarf be sure and join the Brewfest channel so we can communicate back and forth (/join Brewfest).

The event schedule will be as follows (times are server time):

6:00 pm :
Meet and Greet - We will all meet in Ironforge in front of the bank. Feel free to RP and have a few drinks.

6:30 pm :
March of the Dwarves - So as to save our energy for the festing at hand we’ll be a strollin’ down to the Brewfest grounds in a true stately dwarven fashion (meaning RP walk). Should be a sight to see!

7:00 pm :
Drinking Contest - Who will be the first to puke? We will find out soon. All drinks will be supplied and only level 1 dwarves can compete. There will be a small prize for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

7:30 pm :
Team Drinking Contest - Another level 1 dwarven event. Teams consisting of 3 dwarves each will compete. One dwarf selected by the team to drink each round. Opponents drink at the same time. Next dwarf is selected, and so on. When a dwarf pukes, he’s out! Last team with a dwarf standing wins! The idea being that you can spread the “drunkeness” around; i.e. 2 drinks to 1 dwarf, then 2 to the next, 3 to the third, then 1 back to the first, and so on. Will be expensive but entertaining and require some strategy to win!

8:00 pm :
Dwarven Duels - These duels will be for level 1 dwarves only. First place will receive 1000g and second place will receive 500g, for each style. A couple of different scenarios are possible from drunken naked bare-knuckle brawl to Level 1 “BoA Twink” duels. Take your pick, we’ll have elimination rounds for both styles simultaneously.

Scavenger Hunt - For those not necessarily interested in the duels, there’ll be a scavenger hunt throughout Ironforge. “Total Roleplay 2” addon (aka “TRP2” found @ ) will be required for this event and any dwarf regardless of level may participate.

8:30 pm :
Dwarven Race - Another level 1 dwarf team event. A course will be set up through dangerous territory and the first team to get to all locations and grab the drinks given out by Clan Battlehammer wins. Each member of the winning team will receive a special “epic” level prize.

9:30 pm :
Brewfest Bash - Take some time to drink, RP, and have a good time being a dwarf.

10:00 pm :
Best Dressed Dwarf - 2 contests to participate in. First will be for all dwarves level 10 and below. RP style gear encouraged and a good explanation of the outfit will be helpful (wanta know what we’re looking at...and why). Second will be a best dressed dwarf of ANY level with basically the same criteria. We’re not just looking for full tuxedo style outfits, but rather the dwarf with the most creative yet appealing garb. Strut your stuff all you diva dwarves!

We would love to see the many Alliance guilds represented appropriately, so if you feel inclined, form a “temp” guild with your level 1 dwarven folk with similar, but “brewfesty” names, i.e. “Kingship of the Yeast”, “The 12 Pack”, “Operation Beer-be-gone”, etc.

Come join in the Brewfest celebration with Clan Battlehammer. Hope to see ya there!

General Rhusty Battlehammer of Clan Battlehammer

(feel free to msg/mail me or Bruenor any questions you may have, in game or here below)
Sounds like good times! Thanks for the invite, General! *salute*
You're more than welcome Fyoosha, and we'd love to see as many folks attend as possible. So, please tell your friends, guildmates and perhaps even an enemy or two to stop by Sunday night in Ironforge for a blockbuster revel!
Oh...did I mention that there'll be a couple of "Choppers" given as prizes during the festivities?!?!?

Also, starting at 5pm server time for anyone who wants to, we'll have a mage "taxi service" to Stormwind from the Dwarven starting area. This is so anyone who wants to stop experiences gaining so as to not advance past Level 1 can do so. Some of the events will require that you do not level during the event, so only a Level 1 at the end of the event itself can be declared the winner!

More to follow soon :)
Oh, we SO need a Dwarf alt guild named "The 12 Pack." :)
Ready For Drinkin?
BRB - RC to Dwarf
Hopefully the serversh are back up for thish...hic! *gnomefist*
I am going to try my best to be there for this.
30 mins to party time! :)
We 'ave started!
Drinking contest underway!
Individual Drinking contest

Eoghan - 1st Place
Goofy - 2nd Place
Durhin - 3rd Place
Team Drinking contest winners!

Barefist Brawling winners:

Dirtyolman - 1st Place
Eoghan - 2nd Place
Pikcc - 3rd Place
Dwarven Foot-Race results

1st Place:

2nd Place:

3rd Place:

4th Place:
Howdy everyone!

We had a great time during the Battlehammer Brewfest celebration! We held a handful of events to test the metal of all the level 1 dwarves in attendance. Here are the results of these fun games:

Event 1: Solo Drinkin' Contest - Winner - Eoghan

Event 2: Team Drinkin' Contest - Winners - reward for each was Tremendous Tankard O' Terror
Napalms (Traggick)
Pikcc (Pikc)
Kalrummish (Kalrum)

Event 3: Bare Knuckle Brawl
1st place: Dirtyolman (Pack member) won the first Mekgineer's Chopper
2nd place: Eoghan
3rd place: Pikcc

Event 4: Drunken Dwarven Dash! (race around Dun Morogh while drinking the whole way and trying to stay alive)
Goofy (Bandit/Dinsdale)
Bawllin (?)
Durhin (Deurhin)

Event 5: Level 10 and below costume contest - Winner - Eoghan (male Dwarf in a white dress with roses)

Event 6: Any level costume contest - Winners (Tie)
Traggick - won the 2nd Mekgineer's Chopper
Brigita (Brijit) - won a new Pandaria enchantment (she already has the Chopper)

Many thanks to everyone for coming out and enjoying a great revel in true Battlehammer fashion! I look forward to more fun and games next year...and special thanks to The Pack members who joined us in our reveling and merriment.

- Rhusty

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