Protection Paladin [PvP]

Are Protection Paladins still viable in PvP? Just got back into WoW after about a year and left when Prot Pallys were OP as hell. How are they doing in MoP? Are they still viable and what are some things that you guys noticed that are pros and or cons? Thanks :)
Prot is great at holding a tower, mid, harassing healers and holding against large groups of enemies.
Also a decent flag carrier with the new mobility talents.

The problem is prot does very low damage, so it's useless in arenas or if you're trying to get top killing blows.
If you are the type of player who strives for the most KBs in a match, proct PvP isn't for be honest I get more KBs in holy spec haha. However, if you enjoy helping out your team and feeling invincible as a FC or defending a point, proct PvP is a lot of fun :D
I for one say prtection paladins are very useful in pvp although not alot of people use them prot is the only i would go in pvp who cares about kills the survivability is very helpful
They are could at low level pvp.
Not sure when you left the game, but if it was when vengeance was procced in pvp that would explain why you felt they were OP. Of course, when vengeance was in pvp ALL tank specs were OP and thats why they took it out. Tank specs now are good for RBGs since you need FCs or node guards, but among all the classes who can fill the role prot pallies are usually the least favored option.

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