Is there a...

MoP version of Ring of Blood/Amphitheater of Anguish/Crucible of Carnage?

I always had fun getting some people together and doing these. If anything it was some nice xp and gold and a sweet starter weapon. Something I read in another post just made me think about this and I don't remember seeing or hearing in game about there being one for MoP.

Gonna be a sad panda if there isn't...

Nope. Theres 100s of rare world mini bosses to hunt down and kill though that drop some decent goodies.
Aww that kinda sucks. The bunches of rares (seems like a weird statement?) are pretty cool though. If only I wasn't lazy/forgetful and downloaded npc scan like a week ago when I said I should.

Thank you for the answer though! 8)
Sort of. There's a scenario called Arena of Annihilation. You don't get experience because you need to be level 90, and there's not much of a gold reward because there's only one quest, but the quest does reward an ilevel-450 weapon to hold you over until you can get a better one from heroics.
Keeblik is right. This senario is much the same. You pick up the quest from the temple of the white tiger (well you do as horde not sure about alliance).
I assume that's just a breadcrumb. I just queued up for the scenario and picked up the quest inside.
I've found a couple of npcs in pandaria that have quests for scenarios. Thats good you can pick it up inside aswell.

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