problem with Rare spawns

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I LOVE the new rares. It can be frustrating but worth the accomplishment of killing them.

I do wish the loot we BoE though, I agree there. But they do drop some cool stuff as mentioned before. I have a thing that every hour gives me a buff to swim and water breathe, Im going to love that next time I go in water for stuff(aka alot). It also looks cool, it turns me into a awesome Camo type thing like hunters, but blue>.>

Also I assume you are either talking about the Panda rare of Major Nanners(CURSE YOU NANNERS!). These rares sorta take quiet some attention being payed to get them. The Panda rares are annoying because they just cant make up their minds, if you get too far away they 1 shot you, but you have to run away when they flying crane kick!

Overall other then the fact they drop BoPs Id say they did rares right this expansion. Other then Major Nanners... he can die in fire!

As a blood dk I can ignore some of the stuff they do, Spinning Crane Kicks are still deadly, but if I take a couple of ticks it's no biggy and my vengeance just shoots into the sky. For Jinyu I interrupt the torrent and death grip the rain dance so they're forced to melee me the whole time and when it gets to ~35% I eat a couple of rain dance drops before death gripping to get my vengeance to ridiculous levels and quietly gasp at those lucky and ridiculous half a million Soul Reaper crits.
I'm farming Yorick for Mr Smite's Brass Compass

I just want to improvise against land lubbers :<
I got really lucky, it dropped my first try. Keep going for it! It is seriously the best costume in the game. :)

why should i even bother killing these super hard hitting dudes with raid boss mechanics that have 4 million health?

HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhahahahahahahahahahaaaaaa! /catches breath hahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Best I can do from my phone.
York and Scritch are always dead by the time I got to them >:

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