Looking for an addon

Death Knight
That will announce in /p or /r when purgatory goes off and at least how much the original amount needed to be healed is, or if anyone can guide me as to how to make forte announce it like it does with every other of my cooldowns.
My addon DKOne has a purgatory announce. You can find it on curse, it's a complete DK addon, with a priority and CD display, customizable Rune Frame, Dot, RP, and Blood Shield Bars, and buff and proc buttons. Its turned off by default but you will find a page on the configuration page to set the various options for purgatory specifically.

You can turn off the components you dont use, but it seems a waste since I spent so long working on them. :P
Thanks, I'll try it out, only really looking for a purgatory announce since the rest of my ui is solid for what I use it for, however I'll test the rest out :)
You know, when I first made my dk I went with magic runes. Then, in cata, I switched to DDR.

I like the screenshots I see of yours, Zorben. I'm going to give it a try. Perhaps it can help me with the PoF cd, as I currently just macro it into oblit (since it should be used on cd mostly). I'd like to keep it seperate, so I can trigger it after some trinket procs then use on cd.

I'll report my results in a few days.
sadly the extras didn't really work out for me, however i have a suggestion for the purgatory announce.

should have it so if you have it selected to announce in party and raid that it will only announce in one of the channels that you are in, having it spam party and raid while in a raid group is very annoying.

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