[A]Bloodscalp 8/8H Rcrting for MOP OT/DPS/Hea

Guild Recruitment
Hello! myself and a few of the others are transfering to Bloodscalp from Darkspear, We are recruiting a few to fill the last spots we were very successful on darkspear with raiding but we cannot handle the Queue times the whole guild is not transfering but we are looking to pick up a few to fill the spots and work to maintain the top 3 on this server. I will be posting more later but I will ask to toss me a mail to Havitz or Battletag Havitz#1977 with notes* when you get a second or point me into the right direction of where to find the best PVE players who were interested in raiding a small amount while maintaining a strong progression. We don't want to waste any time but aim to be the best.

Thanks so much for your time, I hope to meet everyone!

Currently looking for!

1 Offtank
1 Healer


Raid nights are

Monday/Tuesday 7ST-10ST(9Est to 12Est)

BATTLETAG Havitz#1977
We're still looking for a few good players! I will possibly help you out with the transfer cost if you are well qualified and able to commit to the guild! most of the core group has cleared every single raid in every version on WOW! Please take a look and get in touch with me! Would like to recruit another group of friends.

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