Tailoring Recipes?

I was a little upset to learn that tailoring is completely useless in MoP so far. It looks like there are better patterns out there (not from capital city trainers). I assume they're faction based (thanks for having to grind quests and dailies on another alt!), but really don't know.

There seems to be little to no info out there. Battle.net is no help in providing where these patterns come from. There are only a few listed on wowhead, far from an exhaustive list. Where is all this info?!

- Where are the vendors?
- What does each vendor provide?
- What rep are the vendors?
- What dailies can I do to earn that rep?
- What quests do I have to do to unlock the dailies?

Really feels like we're flying in the dark here... any help Blizz?
Honored with the Golden Lotus gets you the higher level leg enchants and some nice epic chest and hand patterns. It's only about a one week grind. Their quartermaster is at Mogu'Shun Palace, in the little ring in the middle. He's the only npc there, I believe. The epic bag pattern comes from the August Celestials, who you can't even start getting rep with until you're revered with the Golden Lotus.

All this information is out there. There were some official blog posts in the weeks leading up to launch that covered it, and there's a ton of fan sites with detailed guides as well.

I'd love to see a link to a "detailed guide" ... hell, I'd love to see this info in game, but I guess that's too much to ask. So far it seems like a good, although "rushed too fast to release" single player RPG.

From your link:

"Tailors will be able to buy a new 28-slot bag pattern, aptly named the Royal Satchel, when they reach Exalted reputation with the August Celestials. It’s worth noting that this bag is costly to make; there is no easily-made bag to replace the hard-earned Illusionary Bags you may have collected during Cataclysm. If you didn’t get your bags then, start saving for this one!"

Yay! I can make a bag! *eyeroll*

I'll dig around for Golden Lotus info, thanks.

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