<Heat> 25m ~ LFM DPS & Tank

<Heat> Proudmoore US | Alliance

About Us:

<Heat> was founded in September 2010. We are a very diverse guild, with many walks of life. We take pride that we have found the happy-medium between raiders and casual/social players. We love to goof off, joke, bust chops and have a fun time enjoying World of Warcraft at all of the different angles of the game. There are few rules of the guild, and we like to keep it age 18+ friendly for that reason.
<Heat> is also LGBT friendly! Topics of conversation can go from one extreme to another at any time. If you are easily angered or offended, then you may find it difficult here.

First raid night beginning Oct. 16th @ 5:45pm PST.


MDPS: Frost DK, Enh Sham, Warrior

RDPS: Shadow Priest, Warlock, ELE Shaman, HUNTER

TANK: DK, Warrior

*Any exceptional players*

Raid times & days: Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 6-9pm ST.

For further questions, please contact: Idrìss, Lynckk, Qrãk

The best of luck fellow 25m players!

Thank you very much, and best of luck to Dunder Mifflin as well!
:o It's my birthday! What a lovely day to start! Wooot! :D
Updated. LFM Melee!
LF an exceptional Shadow Priest as well!
Looking for 1 Tank and 3 DPS!
Still looking for more raiders!

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