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I would like to know if there is any current, compact, low overhead addon that extends the length of macros from 255 characters to 1024 characters. I have seen a few addons that extend the length of macros but add a lot of functionality I just don't need and would never use.

There is an old addon called ncBiggerMacros that did exactly what I am looking for, however the addon does not show icons once the macro gets beyond 255 characters which is rather important to me.

If no current addon is available would it be possible for someone to peek inside the above addon and direct me through the steps to fix the disappearing icon issue?
The steps to making #showtooltip work would probably be more lines of code than that addon.

What are the alternatives you've seen? I know it can be done, I did some testing with the concept, but I'd be very interested to see a working system on default action bars.
I don't need the full tooltip to be available, all I need to have is the icon for the next ability in line in a /castsequence to appear with the appropriate cooldown, if any.

The addons I have seen with the function to make macros above 255 characters are Super Duper Macro and Ion (formerly Macaroon). Those addons are overly bloated though with a lot of functions I would never need to use.
Yeah the tooltip bit is trivial. The icon is the hard part. SuperDuperMacro's method is ingenious. It keeps the first portion in the macro itself and puts everything after into a secure button. So as long as you have parameters to the #showtooltip (or #show, sorry. the two are synonymous to me) or a cast in the following line, all the icon swapping is done by the default UI. It doesn't work for /casts buried deeper into the macro and a bare #showtooltip, but it's good enough.

I assume Ion/Macaroon parses the macros themselves. It uses its own buttons so there's a lot of freedom there.

If any addon author is up to the challenge of adding this to the first addon, in the large macro body remove the first 2-3 lines and put them at the start of the actual macro body when it's saved.

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