Elder Charms spend option not appearing

Bug Report
This entire week i have participated 3 times in the sha of anger event, and while i did get loot from the first attempt, the remaining two have not had the option for me to spend tokens. In fact, five min ago i was in Skype with my friend who was doing it with me and he was able to use a token. Is this a known glitch?
It might be due to move anything, does anyone know what option it falls under?
Did Sha of anger again with all addons turned off and still no bonus roll
From my understanding the sha of anger is like any lfr boss. You can kill him as many times as he spawns, but your only eligible for loot the first time you kill him.
Earlier this week we downed (Sha of Anger) I was able to loot the box and I bonus rolled. Then downed another time yesterday,got bonus roll.So a total 2 times downed this week with 1 coin left for a bonus roll.Again downed it this morning,no option to use my elder coin. Anyone know if they have changed this option or is is a bug.Other people in the raid had the same problem

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