Priest Healing Issues

This question is more more a GM. When does blizzard plan on fixing priest healing? Just one look at the WoL or who guilds are taking to raids and you can tell right away that blizzard really dropped the ball. Most of the priest have been benched on my server and told to level a monk. Is this really what blizzard wanted? I do not know exactly what needs to be done to fix the issues, just that someone should do something. It seems to me that at the beginning of every expansion blizzard really messes up on priests. I mean during the launch of Cata they DOUBLED the absorbs of the shield D O U B L E D!!! That tells you how bad they messed up back then, and they did/ are doing it again.

Thanks for your time,
Support. Top ranked Disc Priest (number 1) on the first boss fight is the THIRD best healer in his 10 man group. HAHA
For starters, there are no GM's on the Forums. Also, this isn't something that a GM would be able to handle, since they have nothing to do with in-game mechanics.

If you want to give feedback about Priests, your best bet is to post in the Priests Forum, or to utilize the Suggestion function in-game.
Noone in this forum will be able to answer this. GM's are not developers, and they also do not read the forums. The support forum agents here assist with account issues and not GM's.

You MAY receive a response from a community manager by posting constructively in the priest forum, but just saying "this is broken, fix it" is not considered constructive. If you're going to ask, you will need to give the how's and why's.
What now? Is there a CS issue someone can help you with? If this is a General chitter chatter, then it belongs over in General not CS. If you want a Game Master answer, then put in a ticket.

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