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Slow down, life ... is to be savoured!
Love the quote, and I did... fished, mined, sat around and took in the zones... was amazing.

The music in the Dread Wastes is fantastic, also :D
10/05/2012 06:43 PMPosted by Treela
Wait at least 6 months before releasing another raid.

5.1 is not a raid content patch.
10/05/2012 05:27 PMPosted by Daystar
If only my guild saw it that way too... :P

Glad my guild is very laid back in that regards, took me a little over 2 weeks to get to 90, because I wasn't in a hurry. I just sat back read all the quests, and just chilled out a little bit in each zone taking it all in... Not to mention taking a bit of a time out here and there to find Savage and tame him, still need a name for that kitty.
I hear this from a panda and then I say, "screw you!" and kick him with my ENERGY LEGS.

That's what I think about every time I hear this quote.

This made me go watch that Powerthirst video for the first time in quite awhile.

I swear, I shouldn't laugh half as hard as I do at that video.. "KENYA!"
every time one of those pandarian npcs said that I just kept going the same pace
The Pandaren females "greetings" dialog sounds almost exactly like the same line from female draenei. I think they're mocking me.
That's the phrase I'll remember most about Pandaria
I spent a lot of time in Asia around the Gobi in China and Mongolia and Siberia, and Vale of Eternal Blossoms (Not Kun Lai *EDIT)is giving me crazy flashbacks. Even the sunlight and sky feels like this weird Tibetan plateau mixed with the rugged plains of Mongolia.

Well done!
I love the idea of slowing down...I am in no hurry to level up and most of my guildies agree.
I actually find myself walking to the various quests areas and taking little side trips on the way to explore. Yet in the other expansions I busted my buns leveling so I could get mounts and pandaria I havent used any mounts..just stroll along the roads with my ghoul and one of my pets...very relaxing
I would slow down, but ever since I installed MoP my computer has been the one "slowing down".
its fine to hear from each zone but from almost 6 pandas in a row? omfg kill me now.
Since vanilla I always walk when exploring new territory, it makes the world feel larger and I am a lot more immersed walking down a path with the terrain around me, soaking in the ambient noise as a brand new song I've never heard before causes my skin to get all bumpy and my hairs to rise on end and get all tingly and suddenly I have a new memory I will treasure for the rest of my life.

That's why I love WOW, that's why I buy the expansions, if I was forced to give one reason I play.
"Slow down" ran through my head last night when I made my way to the top of Kun-Lai Summit for the first time. Dang, that's a pretty view.
I really dislike the M.O.P. questing, but have no problem acknowledging that the scenery is beautiful!

I've taken more screenshots because stuff is pretty in Jade Forest than in any other zone I think - maybe not Vashj'ir or old STV, but it's close.
You can't tell me what to do!
The variety and tone of the music gets to me. From haunting to rousing, from melodic to harmonic, from repeating themes to upbeat tempos, you (Blizzard) have pulled out all the stops (yup, its a Mighty Wurlitzer reference). It is a grand journey in an equally grand place.

If you raced to 90 on your main, I strongly advise you slow it down and take it all in. I thought flying in Azeroth was grand. It doesn't hold a candle to the scenery in all of the zones of Panderia.

Even in the Panderan starting area, there are things to stop and see and hear. Have you heard the story of the Pandaren and his turtle sung? Leaving the Temple of Five Dawns (have you found the shrine yet?) on the top level, a guy in the middle of the bridges waves at you as you past. Go down the stairs and just listen. Ji won't wait for you but who cares? You know where he's going.

The richness of this expansion is unlike any I've ever experienced, starting with BC and going forward. Well done! Very well done, indeed.
Yeah, but we all know Blizzard abandons content the second new content is available.
With the stunning scenery throughout Pandaria, I find myself taking the time to pause and smell the digital roses on more than one occasion. Not everything has to be a race to the finish line, but if you enjoy the race, go for it!

Me? I’m taking a page from the Pandarens by kicking back and enjoying the experience at my own pace.

I feel the same way.

I'm kinda just off doing my own thing... but I do feel as if I need to hit 90 pretty soon. x.x
makes far more sense than a flight point master saying "Keep your feet on the ground"
Where I hear the quote "slow down!", it actually takes me out of the gaming experience a bit because, to me, it comes across as a heavy-handed attempt from Blizzard to have their limited content stretch further as they continue to struggle to deliver content quickly enough. Each time I hear this, it seems so blatantly obvious that I cringe.

With that said, the less cynical side of me at least tries to appreciate the quote for what it is; the land of Pandaria is gorgeous and motives aside, it does deserve to be truly enjoyed.

I have to say, though, the voice used for that line... is absolutely terrible. It does not sound like a panda, at all. It sounds so plain and 100% human, as if I just recorded my Dad talking to my little sister in the living room. Can we keep the line but fix (read: add) the accent? Please?
The problem with "Slow Down" is that Patch 5.1 is due to hit PTR "soon" and most of us don't have Shado-Pan or August Celestials done yet, lol.

I mean, yeeesh.

Maybe the content is zipping by too fast for the general population who have lives outside of WoW?

You don't need to finish everything by tomorrow. If we release new content and you haven't gotten to it yet it'll still be available when you get there. Pandaria won't be going back into the mists any time soon. ;)

But if the war is going to be progressing as the expansion plays out, isn't the old unspoiled Pandaria going to be overwritten by the new wartorn version?

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