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I must get to Level 90!! :D .. Lol, anyway, yeah. I agree. Pandaria is beautiful. I mean, I hardly pay for flights. I just run on my mount, watching the scenery go by (and occasionally watching my aggro radius).
I'm finding that not being able to fly while questing in Pandaria makes it hard to enjoy the scenery. Paying attention to where I'm trying to get to, what I have to go around or over, and watching that I don't run into stray mobs, all of that takes my attention away from sightseeing, which I actually enjoy a lot. And because it takes so much longer to ride everywhere, I'm more in a hurry, less willing to stop and look around. In Cata, I explored all of every zone while I was questing there. I miss that.

Then again, the trite and uncreative theming of Pandaria means that I have less motivation to see more trite recycled pseudo Chinese stuff.

I do not personally feel that the content is all that limited because I can only play for a few hours each day (at most), but Blizzard absolutely does and they have officially said that the biggest thing they need to work on is "getting content out faster". So, Blizzard disagrees with you. Not only that, but leveling from 85 to 90 (MoP content) is not, at all, time consuming or difficult. I completed every quest in the Jade Forest and was not even half way through Valley of the Four Winds before I hit 90. My level has very little to do with how much content that I have seen (or have yet to see).

Monks have been available for less than two weeks, so discussions of 85-90 hardly seem relevant. Anyone with a lvl 90 monk, of any race, is in too much of a hurry. Your credibility in this thread is non-existent. Perhaps you could have winged it by posting on an alt. Whatever the case, whether it be raf, sor, making 90 levels in 12 days, you represent something that is wrong with this game. People can exploit their way to 90 in 12 days! Anyone who does that has little credibility when discussing content imo. How much of the text did you read on the quests? You could not have possibly read the content you claim not to exist. I'd ask questions on specifics but you'd just google the answer - short cuts seem to be your MO.

As for the above post, I find walking or riding a chance to immerse within the content. Flying is too easy and a direct, unhindered, non-immersive route from a to b.
Yes they did well on this topic I really enjoyed the leveling and playing the game without flying mounts. It was great.
With the stunning scenery throughout Pandaria, I find myself taking the time to pause and smell the digital roses on more than one occasion. Not everything has to be a race to the finish line, but if you enjoy the race, go for it!

Me? I’m taking a page from the Pandarens by kicking back and enjoying the experience at my own pace.

Honestly virtually everything I've seen so far has been amazing and has filled me with a wonder I haven't seen in the game in quite some time... Cata never did this for me, with the exception of Vash (loved that place).

My guild loves it, we are all spending a TON of time on things and having an absolute blast. Please know you guys should feel good about this; you guys did very well here =)
An excellent song for slowing things down and enjoying the scenery...

Just catching up on some good threads and came across this. Sorry but it just made me laugh when he got to the 'were's the fire'. I flashed back to getting pulled over by a cop on the way to a fire (was a Vol firefighter then) - the look on his face was priceless when I told him where the fire was!
Have to admit it annoys me the way that the main push to hurry up tends to be from other players. People are so impatient :-S
10/06/2012 01:15 PMPosted by Kaioon
The Pandaren females "greetings" dialog sounds almost exactly like the same line from female draenei. I think they're mocking me.

It definitely does, I thought the same thing when I first heard it. Turned up the volume and listened for it again to make sure (like an audio "huh?" double take). The wording is slightly different, and sounds like the same voice.
It's an unbelievably gorgeous expansion. I just can't get over it. My sister and I were questing the other night and both of us were just blown away by it -- I've been entranced by several zones in WoW, but this one blows them all away. Maybe it's just the newness of it, but I can't log in on Daniria (my only toon high enough level to go there) unless I know I'll have some time, 'cause once I zone into Pandaria I just don't want to leave.

It's going to take me forever to hit 90, I keep having to stop and just look at stuff and appreciate it.
White tiga watch ova you!
My competitive side drove me to rush through Pandaria the first time, but I'll be leveling some alts solely for the purpose of taking my sweet time with it the second go-around. I really love the world they created, it actually feels open to some exploration instead of just trips from one quest hub to the next.
I slowed down, now I'm behind...
I can't get this saying out of my head ever since I started playing WoW:MoP!

But, it actually does make me "slow down" and realize what's going on around me more.

I now find myself slowing down and enjoying the game itself more.
I take the time to admire and be amazed by the new Pandora continent.
I now take the time to read all the quest text and dialogue.

Slowing down has actually made me enjoy playing even more!
I appreciate more the world we were given to explore.

Thanks Blizzard for making me realize that we all need to "slow down" sometimes!

At last the brain was- I mean brain some thing some thing is work :P
With the stunning scenery throughout Pandaria, I find myself taking the time to pause and smell the digital roses on more than one occasion. Not everything has to be a race to the finish line, but if you enjoy the race, go for it!

Me? I’m taking a page from the Pandarens by kicking back and enjoying the experience at my own pace.

No time to slow down or you wont finish those dailies.
Wise people them pandarians.
"If we explore Pandaria too quickly, we will quickly run out of Pandaria to explore!"

I can't help but think that Pandaren outlook on life, especially the things Chen says to Li Li, is Blizzard telling players to stop always trying to rush to complete content as fast as possible.

Pandaria is amazing to explore. I just got in Valley of the Four Winds, but Jade Forest already flabbergasted me. All the voice acting and cut scenes! Contrary to Cataclysm, the cut scenes do not feel forced in for the sake of having them. They make perfect sense when they happen. And the non linear quest hubs that made Vanilla so great are back! And I picked a 100g grey tea pot that was lying on a random table in the wilds!
10/11/2012 08:23 AMPosted by Pandrabullok
I slowed down, now I'm behind...

haha, I hear you. I guess "slow down" is fine for casuals but for some of us trying to get geared and rep'd so we don't fall behind and lose our raiding spots slowing down to smell the digital roses isn't usually an option.

I will say there's a small part of me that wished they'd have waited another week or two before releasing the new raid so many players didn't feel the need to rush through content and get geared asap for raiding.
Waste time... life is to be wasted!

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