New Druid Forms

Hello, this is a thread to express your feelings about the current druid forms or if you have any ideas about the next. Please.. this is not a druid form hate thread or any of that. I have a few ideas of my own..

Racial Forms! Racial forms would act like the Glyph of the Treant but instead depend on your race. Like the treant can cast spells these forms would be able use melee abilities in those forms .

Here are my ideas:

Tauren: A powerful Kodo.. After the thousand of years of hunting the kodo in the Barrens/ Muglore a handful of druids managed to finally understand the secrets of the kodo and well.. turn into them. (possibly a slight stamina increase.)

Next there is the Night Elf. The Night Elves could have a owl. Within the warcraft lore, several times you see druids turning into owls. So it makes sense. (Owl form could be used to fly but you would have to wait 10 seconds after combat to actually fly and you need the training.)

Trolls; They could have a reptile. This one is hard lore wise to think of but I will try. Since the beginning of trolls they have probably lived around a whole bunch of different reptiles. So finally after years of living with them, they had started to gain respect for them and studied them. So they gained the form. (Maybe when they use melee attacks they have a chance to put on a poison DoT.)

Last but not least the Worgen they would get a worg (not a wolf, a worg.) This one seems pretty obvious but considering they are called WORGen and many worgen seem to find the curse as a blessing it seems only natural some worgen would try to get the full affect of the worg by turning into one. (Also Druids of the Pack.) One of the benefits that the Worg form might have is a attack power or agility increase.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my ideas! Feel free to add anything you think would be cool or if there is anything you think that I could change in this list! :)

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