Zandalar Tribe Recipes

I'll be the first to admit I missed the boat, and didn't get the Alchemy recipes that were tied to Zandalar Tribe rep before it was too late to do so. Given that they are still in the game files, but not obtainable, I often wish they would be added back into the game somehow at a future point, but admittedly how this would done would need to make sense.

Then an idea hit me that I thought I'd share, in case others thought it had merit. It's kind of in the spirit of how Vial of the Sands was contained within a Tol'vir artifact. In this case, while the Mogu still ruled over Pandaria, they were allied with the Zandalari. So, perhaps, with the next patch that adds additional MoP artifacts, there could be a random and slim chance to discover one of the old Zandalar Tribe rep. bound recipes that got "left behind" as it were back when the Mogo and Zandalar were allies.
I pretty much have been thinking along the same lines as you, adding all removed patterns (i.e. blacksmithing and leatherworking specializations) back to the game as BoE finds from archeology to make it something more then vendor trash picked up in the desert (which it was pre-Mists).

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