Levelling, what's going on with hit rating?

Despite my name, I'm levelling as fire (don't like frost "turreting"). My hit rating in the character sheet shows a 0% miss chance on mobs up to 88, with 1.89% miss chance on 89's.

Long story short:my spells are missing on level 87's, noticibly. Is there a hidden hit rating penalty or is the character stat sheet incorrect (and should be fixed?)
Not sure, but I am curious about why you are worrying about it at this point. Missing spells sucks while leveling, but it shouldn't make or break you.

Also, try Scorch as frost, it allows you to be mobile, but you still get to setup with frost. Have had tons of people have issues lvling as fire on these forums.
Make sure you are looking at Spell Hit, not Melee hit.
No, it's showing 0% chance to miss on bosses on spell hit (which is ridiculous since my main is 88 with like 7.3% spell hit), and he's still missing on mobs. I think the tooltip is just borked.
Thought hit had to be at 15%
Or is that just at 90
I'll test some more when I hit 90, the spell hit data given on the ingame character sheet is def. not correct for me at 88.
I wouldn't be surprised if you're looking at melee hit.

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