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Sooo, everyone is well aware of the sorry state we are in overall now, I would just like to hear other peoples experience with arenas and rating so far this season.

Ive been reading the battleground forums and arena forums, BM hunters and warriors are just facerollng thier way to gladiator status. The LFM RBG groups ive seen dont even want a rogue on thier team anymore, and being that I am an officer in my guild that is putting together an RBG group I can get myself a spot on the RBG team but i really dont want to cuz realistically I really dont think Im much of an asset to my team (even if i was 2800 rating skill level).

I ran 8 arenas with a 2300 frost DK a few days ago and went 2-6, EVERY team had either a mage, warrior, or hunter (of course all human and assuming double DPS trinket) and for the most part it was CC globaled lololol dead rouge or dead DK.

Ive been playng rogues for the last 3 years and its been mostly pvp and its the only reason I play this game but its gotten so bad that i dont even want to q for arena anymore. BGs were bad enough but the half hour I spent in arena just left me with a really bad taste in my mouth.
10/05/2012 01:15 PMPosted by Failrogue
BGs were bad enough but the half hour I spent in arena just left me with a really bad taste in my mouth.

This game in general leaves a really bad taste in my mouth anymore.. Time to go water my plants and play Poke'mon I guess.. >.>
Played with a Windwalker monk and went 6 and 4. Still learning how monk's work when it comes to pvp and comps. He is the Mortal Strike so I get to run Deadly/Mind with 4 pc set bonus. So far we are able to Cheap shot into kidney for pretty simple kills. Hunters are prime targets since we have 2 disarms. His being a ranged disarm is pretty nice to insure we do countered by deterrence.
10/05/2012 03:15 PMPosted by Fescorn
His being a ranged disarm is pretty nice to insure we do countered by deterrence.

LoL? what? You can deterrence while disarmed.
Was that a recent change because I remember not being able to deterrence while playing on my hunter. Had a weapon chain because of this.
I can't wait to get in game and see whether we're really as poorly performing as people say we are or if there is a lot of overdramatization going on. I'm inclined to believe the latter. Until I can get my network running on less than 10k ms latency I'll have no way to test and be stuck believing whatever people say on here. Which is mostly doom-saying.
Ya all I used to do on my rogue was do arenas and BGs even when I didn't need any gear. I found enjoyment in doing BGs just for fun and not gear. Now I can't go into a BG without getting upset over my pathetic damage and just overall awfulness. I just rerolled mage and I'm at 89 right now and planning to keep playing mage until rogues are fixed.
I'm having the same problem as the op, getting 2 shot by warriors several matches in a row got really old fast. There is no outskilling !@#$ like that, think I"m done with arena this season.
10/05/2012 10:51 PMPosted by Irrwisch
i honestly don't even want to do any arena on this toon, looking at all the mess there...there is no way i can beat war/hunter/x teams right now~

Its a Hpally/ BM hunter comp. NONE of the matches lasted more than 10 seconds. Its stuff like this that makes me want to puke. The huntard in the video himself said, he doesnt have to do anything that requires skill. In one of the matches the huntard didnt even attack the resto druid, his pet did 600k to him and killed him while he was lololing and kiting the druids rogue partner.

I am trying to stay optimistic here, due to that we had a blue on our forums yesterday actually trying to get a summary from rogues on whats messed up with our class, and also all the rage on the arena forums concerning certain OP faceroll classes, so hopefully we will see a change soon.

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