I kind of wish this were true in WoW too.

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Read this article, then come back.


You done? Ok.

I'll have to admit, everything in this article speaks true. I play both WoW and GW2, and I can tell you that when the chips are down in GW2, and you're dying from a bad mob pull, there is always some player out there willing to help you, revive you, then stand by our side and fight the adversary that nearly took your life.

Now granted in WoW, not every class can resurrect a dead player, but you'll get many players who will ignore you if you're in trouble, or look on and not even help. Maybe whisper you an insult, or even a class that can resurrect will ignore your plea to revive or heal you.

It's just so shocking how different the GW2 community and WoW community is, and to be honest I wish the WoW community would be less cut throat and more willing to lend a hand.
I've experienced the exact opposite.

Maybe it's you.
I've experienced the exact opposite.

Maybe it's you.

I'm usually the one helping others out with buffs, heals, rez's and protecting them from gankers.

Granted, I like Informal pvp (wpvp). I'll take any chance I can get to fight.
10/05/2012 01:51 PMPosted by Huehuehuë
It's just so shocking how different the GW2 community and WoW community is, and to be honest I wish the WoW community would be less cut throat and more willing to lend a hand.

I think you're mixing with the wrong crew, I come across a lot of helpful individuals on a daily basis.
I read the article, and I think the op misrepresented what it was saying.
10/05/2012 01:56 PMPosted by Bigmountain
When GWs is as old as Wow, I imagine its players will be just as jaded and cut-throat as WoW's.

Especially when all those people who keep screaming, "WOW sucks! The devs are stupid with their heads up their asses! GERD WERS ER BERST EVAR!" make good on their threats and leave to join GW2.

Honestly I wish those people would just quit MMOs altogether and stop polluting our communities with their presence.
I was actually rezzed by a warrior yesterday.

At the Temple of the White Tiger I think it's called - with the kill the series of Sha quest - we were sort of helping each other finish off our own Shas.

I died just as my last one died. (I know, I know)

Warrior rezzed me.

What a world lol
Don't worry, the GW2 honeymoon will be over very soon.
So if I see a hordy killing a rare, and says please heal me when almost die, and tag the rare. You expect me to go help kill it, and let him have it??( I'll kill him/her then tag that rare.) There is no faction splitting players in GW2, and there is no monster tag in there also. I play GW2 2 hour a week just for the heck of it, but its not as fun as WoW PVP server. You see hordy afk at flight master, and I'll charge in and kill it just for 3 honor point lol. People heal you because they get bonus from daily crap, like random good after certain amount of good deeds. WoW will have few people like that, but hell, why we bother.

If you want heal, go to instant or raid. PvP might get some healer, but rare to see them in battle other then at cap flag game.
I actually help other players kill things even if they are not in trouble. That goes for both alliance and horde. I have helped quite a few orcs down the rares in MoP when the get there right before I do.

If a player looks like they are managing fine, and I am in a rush, I still cast both diseases on their targets and chains of ice as I pass. I will run through with my bug plague thing if they are fighting more than one.
I'm on a pvp realm, so... as odd as it sounds... my idea of helping horde is to not attack them while they are fighting something. It's really a benevolent act, if you understand the context.
Yeah, if GW2 doesn't have factions then it's hard to compare it. WoW purposefully pits half the population against each other.

I almost killed myself trying to get the Wolf with cleave from the Golden Lotus dailies to kill some alliance priest.
I go out of my way to help people everyday. And im on a pretty active PvP server in a guild that attracts... come attention.

Just yesterday i saw a Boomie questing while I was doing my GL dalies. He pulled a little too much and was getting hammered. He was abviously going to die so I cloned him and pulled all the mobs away from him so he could get away. I even got an emoted thank you. I do stuff like this all the time.

On the other side of things, This is a war game. I dont attack people that are obviously new, questing, or just chilling unless they are in a pvp zone, attacking someone from my faction or myself, or just look like they deserve a good beating :P
the great thing about being on a PVE server is it does not matter which faction someone is, I can help em out if their pull has gone south.
Well, I can only speak of my own experiences, but I've helped and have been help by a lot of people this expansion.

Especially when it comes to those rare mobs.

Couple days ago I was doing my dailies in the Val of Eternal Blossoms when my NPCScan goes off. I look down to see a Disc Priest fighting some Saurok rare. She is losing health and so I go down to help her. I weaken the rare but I cannot pull aggro off of her, and the rare kills her.
The rare comes for me but I exit combat using Greater Invis. We then agree to take the rare down together and we finally kill him along with several other mobs that we aggroed over the course of the fight. We then head over to the west and fight a Mantid rare.

Stuff like this happens all the time, but this is the most recent, those rares are tough.
People need to learn the difference between correlation and causation.
10/05/2012 01:56 PMPosted by Bigmountain
When GWs is as old as Wow, I imagine its players will be just as jaded and cut-throat as WoW's.

I really don't think so. Not because WoW and GW2 players are in any way different, but because GW2 encourages and heavily rewards helping each other out (and removes most of the ways MMO players can screw each other). It fosters a very refreshing cooperative environment.
People are already training past each other because the game encourages it. See an orange circle on the other side of the map? You are gonna miss it if you stop to rez people who died, or help them fight.

And I don't fault them for that, because Anet expects you to do that or else you are gonna end up 3 levels lower than the next zone. Its not enough to just 100% the zone and do DEs you see, you gotta spam the fast ones or the zone chains.

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