Arena 3s Healers

So for those of us that have been busy with work and are behind the curve on leveling and getting into arena... how are the alternative healer classes looking for 3s? Preferably tailor your comments around synergy with a Warrior based 3s comp considering that is what I am :)

  • Druid
    I always loved playing with druids on 3s teams (<3 cyclone) but the fact that they were just about on par with Warrior in being completely gimp for the last couple seasons made them a complete waste of time. Have they improved and become viable in MoP?
  • Paladin
    They have always had strong heals but the simple fact of how controllable they were by CC was aggravating and caused most Paladin healer teams to be some sort of zerg comp. Has that improved at all in MoP and are Paladin healers a good overall choice for 3s?
  • Shaman
    These were the chosen ones for a lot of Cata with jesus link, earth-shield, ranged interrupt and wolf. How are Shammy healers looking so far in comparison with the alternatives? I was never lucky enough to have a good Shammy to play with much in Cata but I will continue the hunt if they remain strong in MoP.
  • Priest
    These are probably my least favorite healers and will likely remain so. Holy has never been the PvP spec and I think I am biased against Disc considering they were usually associated with RMP which was the bane of Warrior's existence in Cata. With that being said, I am happy to consider playing with whatever healer is doing well in MoP so how are they looking?

I have heard Druids aren't so worthless anymore in MoP so was thinking KFC, WMP or WLS as my top comp choices. Any recommendations? Thanks!
From what I've seen so far, Druid Warrior (insert class) is pretty good. Druid have gotten buffed to the point where training a druid is a difficult task. Symbiosis (iceblocks, etc), the vanish cat form, and treeform is pretty tricky to cut through. Plus great cc.

Pallies also got some improvements with better cc, which was really needed. Another great partner to choose. In addition, Avatar really helps the pally avoid cc since Blessing of Sac can be used rather than freedom.

Shamans, im in the dark on. Somewhat hard to burst down but kind of just sit there casting hex.

Priests get curb stomped by my comp so I have zero opinion except they get curb stomped by my comp.

All in all, I'd say druid. Then Pally. It's still pretty early though! Good luck!

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