How do dungeons work now?

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I recently came back to WoW, when I played last while you could still go to all the old dungeons, they were all still at their original level. Now, I just recently read a post of people doing a heroic scholomance run and getting level 90 drops.

So how do things work? Once I hit 90, can I revisit all the old dungeons and raids at a scaled difficulty and get proper gear? Is this possible at lower levels too, or do you have to hit 90 and run heroics to get it?

Any help is appreciated, thank you.
Once you hit 90 you can revisit certain old dungeons, but not all. This whole making old (Vanilla) dungeons and scaling them to max level thing started with Cataclysm when Blizzard changed the instances of Deadmines and Shadowfang Keep. You could still do them at the lower levels, but you could also do the heroic versions at level 85 for level appropriate gear. The same concept is true in Mists of Pandaria with Scarlet Monastery and Scholomance, just with level 90 drops.

TL;DR: You can only do select heroic dungeons on heroic at level 90, all the others you can't touch in terms of max level content.
In Cata and MoP, Blizzard 're-released' some of the 'old' dungeons as max level heroics. The 'normal' version of the dungeon is still the level that it is while questing. (Thinking Scholo is 35-40ish).

Gear does not 'scale' as you are referring to it. You can use the 'new-ish' transmog system to make your current gear LOOK like the old gear you have picked up, but it is not the old gear in itself.

The only time you will end up seeing any 'scaling' of gear is when you do a level 90 Challenge mode dungeon. At that point, all gear is normalized, down to a specific level, so that top tier raiders do not have an advantage over casual players. Those modes are more about skill than gear.
Thanks for the answers!
As explained, several low-level instances have both their regular low-level versions, and then a "heroic" version for end-game content. Deadmines and Shadowfang Keep, for example, have level 85 heroic versions (they were for end-game Cataclysm). The Scarlet Monastery dungeons and Scholomance have heroic versions at level 90 (end-game MoP).

The heroic versions have MUCH more difficult mechanics than they do at low levels. (Some may even have extra bosses or They may drop some of the same looking loot, but it would have the appropriate stats for the level. For example, a mace that drops from regular Deadmines may also drop in heroic Deadmines, but it would be a "heroic" version with stats for a level 85 character.

There is not a heroic version for ALL dungeons. Only a select few.
The normal version of all of the vanilla dungeons have been revamped as well, some more than others, with Ragefire, Scholo, and SM getting a big makeover this expansion. For example, Shadowfang got entirely new bosses and mobs to reflect the changes with Cata, and Sunken Temple was greatly truncated, while others like Wailing Caverns and BRS were just streamlined to go faster (-ish).

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