Unable to do 1st quest to enter Pandaria

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Hello, I have an inquiry that needs immediate attention and hopefully you can respond and help me. I logged on my druid this afternoon to start getting him questing to reach 90.

As I progressed on the 1st step of the quest in order to get to pandaria the flying boat disappeared hence why I immediately abandoned the quest.

In order to phase myself out to get the quest again and see the boat

But I cannot find a way to retake this quest and therefore I am stuck at 85 with no way to get there Please understand, I reiterate myself I need immediate assistance with this issue. The Alliance call to arms bulletin board in trade center of Stormwind doesn't have this quest either
Help my friend please, he really can't find any way to find this quest back. The night elf who gives this part of the quest disappeared my friend's phased out of any possibility of reaching pandaria...

I still wonder why there hasn't been a way like the alliance bulletin board to get the quest back it makes no sense to me at all.
It looks like you have the quest The King's Command, Ellynana. Do you not see Rell Nightwind just outside of the Keep?

Have you tried logging out and back in?
It's on his Druid (Night elf) Monster is the name
This is the character this bug has happened to please I require help with this issue
Bump Are you still here Vrakthris?
10/05/2012 03:40 PMPosted by Obscurity
It's on his Druid (Night elf) Monster is the name

Well, Monster with a few special characters, but I found it. It looks like Unleash Hell was abandoned.

10/05/2012 03:48 PMPosted by Obscurity
Bump Are you still here Vrakthris?

It is not necessary to bump a thread when it has not fallen off of the first page, especially if I had already responded to it. It takes time to look into these matters to see what the issue could be. I'm sorry if I gave you the impression that I had abandoned you. :)

10/05/2012 03:43 PMPosted by Mônstêr
This is the character this bug has happened to please I require help with this issue

It doesn't appear to be a bug, Monster, the ship isn't there because you already completed the quest that took you to Pandaria. Since you abandoned Unleash Hell, which is acquired on the ship, you just need to get back there.

Northwest of Stormwind Keep is the area where the Cataclysm portals are, the Pandarens have also set up a little cap there as well. Visit them and take the portal to Paw'don Village. Once there, go to where the ship is. Directly under it is a portal up.
alright it working :) thx for the help
i logged into my DK and i accidently closed the quest to start pandaria. nothing shows how to get the quest back
This is amazing. This tgread is over a year old and the probkem still idnt fixed? I completed The Kings Command but Rell wont give me The Mission. With my DK lvl 85 I cant evven get The Kings Command
To get this quest you must have the Mists of Pandaria expansion to visit the content. Currently the account you've posted here on does not have this box level which is why you are not able to pick up the quest yet.

Once you've upgraded to Mists of Pandaria, you should be set there!

Also, going to lock down this thread due to being a bit of an old thread. If you have any issues that come up, please feel free to create your own thread instead of posting on an old one.

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