Was the quick and the dead nerfed?

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While dead I am only running at 165% instead of the 300%, highly annoying, no one likes walking back to a dead body, 300% made it seemingly ok. but at 165% I want to smash my head on my keyboard... I know... QQ. But was it nerfed or just borken atm?
Not nerfed

Why would Blizzard nerf this? WHY?!

Officially it is a nerf that that cuts the movement speed buff by 90%, moving this guild perk into the realm of uselessness. Seriously, at 10% the buff is almost imperceptible. I don't usually complain about blizz's decisions when it comes to nerfs, but this is an entirely unneeded, unnecessary, and idiotic. "This game would be better if it took me longer to get back to my body after my guild did the work to get the perk." `SAID NO ONE EVER
WHY nerf it?!?!?!? It reduced our down time, gave us more time to do things we want to do instead of running around while dead. WHY!??!?!?
Im fine with it. Hey they might take out mass rezz and other cool abilities if you keep on whining. Go to the paladin forums for that.

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