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Once upon a time I requested that engineers be given the ability to build a machine that could mill multiple stacks of herbs. I mean hey they are herbs toss them in a machine and let it go to town. Even though all the posters agreed it never happened and I am left to suffer milling 5 by 5, it's fine even though in MoP there is no gold to be made for anything other than Living Steel but...

Today I come to you asking that down the road engineers be allowed to build shacks for our farms. This expansion has taxed our bag space and bank slots to the point where I firmly believe it is Blizzards idea to force us to use Void Storage. Rewarding us with seeds that cost silver anyway is an insult but rewarding us with 3 different types is a waste of space. Even, much like the irrigation system making a shack for us to store seeds and other farming related items would be very beneficial and I hope you take this under advisement.

Best Regards,
President of Jubei'Thos
Why would you ever store seeds, when they're basically free at a vendor a five-second ride away from the only place you can use them? Plant them or throw them away.
Why throw away perfectly good seeds? Go troll elsewhere.
I'll take a fridge first.
10/05/2012 04:55 PMPosted by Bigmary
Why throw away perfectly good seeds? Go troll elsewhere.

They're not perfectly good. They are, as you said yourself, a waste of space. We already have seed storage. It's called Merchant Greenfield.
If they reward them they should provide moar storage.

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