No wow for two weeks due to no net help plz

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Hey other Aussie that might have some info on tethering with my phone cause we just moved into our new place and I won't have net for two weeks and I want my damn title for brewfest lol I'm with Optus 3G network with an iPhone 4s with 1.25 gigs of data if someone can help with usage would be wicked
Diesel dont worry about it man, your on Frostmourne and no one has been on frostmourne in 2 weeks for ques

Even if you do get your net working, the que's on Frostmourne are 6hrs long... has been since expansion release and blizzards does nothing about it
Actually lots of people are on frostmourne.
!@#$en tons.

Just not you headmaster.

1. Buy shotgun
2. load shotgun
3. look into the barrel
4. pull trigger

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