Lotus Revered Quest Bug


I just started this quest today (I was able to do it because I farmed Guo-Lai Cache Keys and hawked chest spawns for days to boost my GL rep) and eagerly ran downstairs to get the Helm. I was escorted by an NPC, Ren Firetongue, and when I got downstairs there was a big mogu.

I was attacked by a mogu statue on my way up to the platform, so I killed it. When I walked up the stairs to start the boss event, Ren had just finished his dialogue, and the boss just became attackable. However, the boss attacked Ren instead of me, and after one hit, Ren disappeared and the boss evade ran away from me.

I thought, no big deal, abandoned the quest, picked it up again, walk down the halls, Ren alongside me the whole time. When we get to the boss platform, the boss is not there. Ren goes through all his dialogue, and disappears immediately afterward. All the while, the helm is sitting right there, sparkling, but unlootable.

This is beyond frustrating. I was really hoping to get a jump on RF Pandaren Ambassador by farming keys and boosting through everything before all the other competitors on this server but I am now bottlenecked by an extremely buggy phased quest. I put in a ticket but the wait time is over 5 days, so I figured I would come here.

Really hope this gets fixed before 4AM EST.
same thing happened to me today on my main I also couldnt finish the quest "The Imperion Threat" I went into Guo-Lai halls and nothing was there no npc's of any kind. Kinda depressing....
As far as my issue the recent realm resets to deal with the hacker problem fixed it.

How did you get The Imperion Threat though? I need to kill the three Imperions yet for an achievement.

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