Pet Battle API?

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I thought it would be an easy search, but surprisingly I haven't been able to find much info on this. =X

Simply put, I need to find the command that returns whether I am in a pet battle or not. IE. the "UnitInVehicle(unit)" for pet battles. I'm trying to set up a custom script in WeakAuras that will trigger or untrigger depending on this, so that when I'm battling the aura won't show up and block my screen.

Can anyone help me find this? I just need that one command, but the whole list of commands would be nice if anyone happens to have it =).
Use this:C_PetBattles.IsInBattle()

I don't think anyone has documented the pet battle API yet, but you can see a list of pet battle functions in-game by using this:/run for k,v in pairs(C_PetBattles)do print(k) end end

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