Can I get back lost time?

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Hey there guys. I am going to get back into WoW, my friend is going to use the scroll of resurrection on me. But, I need to ask, is it possible to get back game time that I did not use? For example, I bought a two-month game card and did not use the last maybe three weeks or so ( this was almost a year ago ). So I was just wondering this before I go out and buy a game card. Thanks :)
You can call Billing to ask, but most likely, the answer will be no.
You can call to inquire but I highly doubt it. Worst they can say is no, right? :)
Please don't call billing. Game time applied expires regardless of whether a person is playing on the account. It is not based on the time you play.

Also, calling billing for a question as simple as this, when you know they will say no is a waste of a phone queue spot.

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