French Patch for U.S. serveur.

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i just bouth my World of Warcraft battle chest with their expension Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria. These games are in english and the serveur is in america and oceanie.
I downloaded the french patch because i wanned to play with a french interface even i am on an english serveur, but since i did that, i cannot log in. support told me that World of Warcraft can only be played in french with a European account. The US game client can only be played in english , spanish and portuguese. So i wandering if a french patch working for an U.S. serveur exist or can be done. I'm living in Canada, in Québec province. I'm bilingual, but i prefer to have my game in french.

I know for sure, in usa there a lot a Spanish and portuguese peoples who plays at world of Warcraft. But here in Canada, Québec, most of the people are french.
I really don't understand why it is so difficult to create a french patch for an american account. It would be so much easier for me to play in my own language. I hope someone can do something about this problem, it would be very appreciated by the french community here in Québec. i'm sure, this is not a problem for you to create this french patch for the american serveur.

Hopefully i hope that you will be able to resolve this little problem.


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