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I spent several hours working out a way to sync up my 2 WoW Installs on my MacBook Pro and thought I would share some information on how figured I out a way to sync my add ons and settings between my Mac and PC client of Wow since I discovered the the curse premium client does not support the the account and addon sync features on the mac version of the client (was kinda disappointed to see this)

Things you need to do before you start:

  • You probably want to having a basic understanding of terminal commands in *NIX systems as Mac OS is UNIX based under the hood.(I may eventually write a shell script to this automatically but it will depend how much time I have with school)
  • I highly recommend you back up your WTF and Interface folders before you get started in case something goes wrong as we will be deleting them under the Mac OS client to use the same folders
  • Your ntfs drive must be able to be written to, so will need to have a NTFS Driver (not the one that come with Bootcamp as this is a read only driver). I recommend Tuxera NTFS as this is the one I use. There is also NTFS3g(which is free), however this is an older, harder to use solution and I can not vouch for its stability or ease of use.

Information you will need:

  • Location of your WoW Interface and WTF folder on Mac OS and PC.
  • Default for Mac is /Applications/World of Warcraft/
  • Default for PC is /Volumes/BOOTCAMP/World of Warcraft

  • Make sure you get all your addons and the current WTF settings that you want into your PC client, or (Advanced) find a central location you would like to store them (this is a more advanced setup as it will require the use of Symbolic Links on both Windows and MacOs)

The process:
Once you have taken care the steps above, It is time to start deleting some files and mirroring your PC Install.
1. Navigate to your Mac Os Install folder (while in Mac Os), Default Location is /Applications/World of Warcraft
2. Delete your WTF and Interface Folder (You backed these up remember)
3. Run the following commands:
(modify the location in quotes to the correct information for your system)

  • ln -s "/Volumes/BOOTCAMP/World of Warcraft/WTF" WTF
  • ln -s "/Volumes/BOOTCAMP/World of Warcraft/Interface" Interface

This will generate aliases (or symbolic links) for your windows install folders for Interface and WTF so your saved variable and addons will be stored in your windows client install

Optionally you modify the first command to point to the Accounts folder (/Volumes/BOOTCAMP/World of Warcraft/WTF/Account) and let the mac client handle those settings if you do not want to sync graphics options, saved account name etc or to Your personal account folder (/Volumes/BOOTCAMP/World of Warcraft/WTF/Account/[YourAccountName]) if you want to sych settings for a single account
Addons however are all or nothing unless you incorporate shell variables (ie $(whoami)) into the symbolic link command this will require you to setup your addons in seperate folder structure however


To manage your folders outside of the WoW Install folder the following commands will also be needed under windows in the WoW install directory while logged into Windows ( this is only supported on Windows Vista and up, XP users are SOL unfortunately(as far as I know) )

under windows the symbolic link command is as follows:

mklink /D /H /J [LINK NAME] [TARGET]
so That makes our windows command
mklink /D "C:\LocationToYourWTFFolder\" WTF
mklink /D "C:\LocationToYourInterfaceFolder\" Interface

I hope this was informative to more people than just myself
and please post any questions or constructive comments that may improve this process further and I will and add them to this guide.
Actually, if you have a Windows 64 bit install and installed Wow to its default location, then these are the link commands to use:
ln -s "/Volumes/BOOTCAMP/Program Files (x86)/World of Warcraft/Interface" Interface
ln -s "/Volumes/BOOTCAMP/Program Files (x86)/World of Warcraft/WTF" WTF
Alternatively (this is what I do), create symlinks on either OS to your OneDrive/Dropbox/GoogleDrive/etc. cloud service.

In my particular case I have symlinks on OS X for my Account and AddOns directories to a OneDrive folder simply called "WoW". On my Windows 8 install I have symlinks to the same folders. Given that it's not the whole WTF directory I can still run different graphical settings between the two installs without corrupting anything.

The only caveat to this method is you need to give your chosen service a few seconds/minutes to sync the changed files before shutting down or rebooting to the other OS. The advantage is, well, backups and ability to go to any computer or install and you can share your addon settings (think WeakAuras) with friends.

For reference, in windows the command (needs to be run as administrator) is somewhat different than ln as it switches the order of target/source: mklink /D target source

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