Blizzard impiment a random word for BG entry.

I would agree,But im an adult and i tend to drink alot when playing this game, sometimes i got the blacklights on a incense burning, and getting baked.

That being said i remember when the days of yahoo chat was alive and kicking and we used to bring in 100 bots and kick people off the chat..then yahoo made a captcha for every room you joined, Its a graveyard now.

People like me (and believe me im the majority) that like to enjoy their "hobbies" while playing the game are NOT going to go for killing a good buzz by having to fill out a captcha every time they want to bg.

Bots are an issue , i agree...but come on lets be real..3 in the morning a case of fat tire, some herbal essence and you really want to fill out codes to join a bg?

I think not
WoW doesn't need CAPTCHA.

WoW needs a live person policing the BG and banning every botter he sees. They are not hard to spot. The word will spread, and people will stop botting for fear of account ban.

But like another poster above stated, it's all about $$.
Bots are an issue , i agree...but come on lets be real..3 in the morning a case of fat tire, some herbal essence and you really want to fill out codes to join a bg?

I think not

The bots will not be disturbed. You may end up, in this case, with the best possible financial scenario. Bots fighting all bots, all earning stuff that their owners paid for, but without the annoyance of any real humans playing. Once the achievements are earned, the info is relayed to the customer, and nobody wants to ever hear from them again unless they have their credit card ready.

The new issue of popular science awaits.

I like that!

But seriously without getting on the "I hate this game , i quit " bandwagon if the game keeps getting lamer each expansion there may be nothing but bots to fight other bots .
This is actually a damn good idea for once on the wow forums.
They are not hard to spot.

Think again. A bot just looks like a human moron. And when the bot answers the GM in chat, which I assure you they do, well...

Morons are not banned by gm's. The human/bot combo has existed, exists, and will exist, forever. There is nothing you can implement that will deter a bot run by a human glancing at his screen every minute or so.

You will eliminate only your amateur bots run by your friends to farm. You will in no wise harm the companies most people pay.

I can spot bots very easily. They run paths to the same places and use the same abilities every time. If Blizzard payed someone like me to spot and ban people companies would be out of business in a week. Stop trying to make it sound like the tech they use is special. it's just script and very easy to spot.

The achievements you talk about are worthless grind achievements that nobody cares about. Show me a bot with a +2200 rating and come back. People use bots to level/gear up. The achievements you're talking about are just a fringe benefit.

Bring on the captcha!! or ban these a-holes..
10/06/2012 04:17 PMPosted by Gatchaman
Bots could be designed to send the word off to some 3rd world captcha-breaking sweatshop, so this wouldn't really fix the problem.

Nope, because the BG bots are just people buying a program which farms honor (and levels) for them. It's no secret, do a google search

Yes, I know. And if using the program involves an ongoing service, that potentially increases the revenue stream for the bot maker.

Schemes like this for getting around captchas require that the value per captcha break be sufficiently high. That's not true for captchas preventing web site spamming, but it is likely true here.
we had a game of AB was standing at BS watching 4 bots running tight circles together. was slightly amusing at the time but god dam please impliment this suggestion or something to get them out of BG's

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