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Hello, my girlfriend wants to get back into wow. Good news I know. Thing is shes still a newby and wants me to level with her so she can get a better grasp of the game. All that is fine but I do have 1 problem. I want this character to be my main and so I invested alot of macros into him to make sure I can handle all kinds of issues in game. But I also want to help my gf level but I won't have that much macro space.

So is there any type of addon you guys could recommend that allows me to store macros from one toon then be able to swap them out with ease once I log onto my leveling toon with out having to delete the macros from my main? I've saved my mains macros into notepad but thought of deleting, then creating, applying to bars, using, then deleting to start the process over for another toon is irritating :/

Thanks for any help in advance.

Edit- meant newby not nooby.

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Thanks for the reply! Ill check these out. I tried using superdupermacro but it wasn't helping and other addons weren't exactly what I was looking for.

Sorry don't want to bump but feels like no one is even clicking on the thread and because of that it starts to head to page 2 and rarely do people go to page 2 :/

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