Guild Perk Reputation Problem!

I'm posting on the forums about a problem I'm experiencing with FOREST HOZEN and THE LOREWALKERS rep being stuck just shy of exalted.

While levelling and doing the quests for both factions I was unguilded and thus didn't have the reputation gain perks from a guild. After completing all the quests possible in the area, and finishing all the lorewalker hand-ins, I am at 20,835 / 21,000 Forest Hozen rep and 20,010 / 21,000 Lorewalker rep.

There are no other quests available to me to increase either rep to reach exalted. After waiting 3 days for a reply from a GM all I received was links to useless websites. Now I have to wait another 4 days to receive another reply about this particular problem.

Has anyone else received any useful replies either from a GM or on a blue-post I missed about this?

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
I checked your armory and it shows your lorewalker rep at 0/999 exalted. I'm almost certain theres enough of the findings to get to exalted without the perk as I was way over before I turned in the last lore. As for the Hozen, its been reported that you can't get to exalted without the perk or human racial.
I actually had a GM log on my priest to fix my Lorewalker rep to exalted. Turns out I was bugged.

BUT... according to the same GM, there was also a quest chain bugged out for me, and he started it. It is a long chain starting with "Sacred Scroll" so it IS possible to get exalted with the Forest Hozen without the guild perk or racial perks. Still waiting for the 2nd part to get unbugged though ><
Hey, I have same problem. I was no in any guild when i leveling from 85 to 90 lvl. My alts are exalted but main is still 20890/21k .

Please fix it as soon as possible. Or just add 60-200 reputation to everyone :)

Thanks, Answer required.

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