Warriors and DKs

Anyone else finding these 2 classes a pain?

every battle i turn up to in a BG theres almost always a warrior/DK waiting to stop what he's doing and switch targets to me and proceed to pulverize me, and depending on the warrior/DK it can often end in me packing my bags to the nearest grave yard.

So anyone not having issues with these two classes any tips would be appreciated.
Haven't had time to pvp much yet, but from my limited experience i am having MUCH less trouble with them than in cata, especially dks.
Warriors, yea. Mostly because of the second wind keeping them at 90k+.
But i reale onlz have the Big Troubles in 2s or Maß wpvp or or whatever when they have friends. If you're specced right, in my case Affliction with Grim of Sup. with a voidlord out as the starter, you can soulburn and soul swap to get all the dots up quick. Normally by then I'm hit with some form of stun and they start to blow CDs. Use Command demon to disarm and avoid a huge wave of damage. Fel flame the dots to stay up, mortal coil, haunt, grasp. He'll charge back to you, port away, instant demon swap to imp or shivara, and begin kiting. Though a warrior may have double time and charge twice..... But this strat usually works for me in any 1v1 and most 2s matches. Just blow CDs accordingly if you do end up trying it
Most casters are having trouble other than the good old frost mage.

They are both pretty faceroll classes in unorgainzed PvP.

If the warrior has avatar and gag-order, you wont be able to do much. The chain silence is a little odd since Blizz wanted to get away from silences being so heavy, then they hand back to back blanketing silences to warriors. I suppose this should come as no surprise though, because they removed armor pen under similar circumstances, then gave warriors an attack that bypasses most of it. Honestly, with warriors you need to get good fears, have good set up on your port and some luck on your side. If they have avatar up and a pulse, you're going to have a hell of a time. You can't really kite them anymore, as they are more mobile than a druid now.

Like someone mentioned above, you have to bait the AMS if you want a good chance with a DK. Frost hits really hard and only requires two buttons to do it. Death grip is going to give you a lot of problems since they can double grip now. I played my old DK on my former account to glad in the last 3 days of the season. Death grip makes the class idiot proof.
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When I was Destro and Affliction I literally COULDN'T beat these guys. As Demo it's almost impossible to not beat them. So basically the answer is... with gear and demo spec there isn't a class I can't beat down regularly. I win 8 out of 10 against ALL classes if I have at least half my CD's. My toughest match is probably Unholy DK but it's not a common spec right now.
They don't seem as bad as at 85 but still are tough fights. If I have all my CD's up and can drop a CB on either one I can win. If I have no embers, no UR, and no DR then I'm probably F'd.
Well I just had the worst duel vs a Warrior ever. Even with my 6k resil here is what he hit.

70k, 65k, 65k, 90k all back to back in literally 3 seconds. I went from about 300k health and getting him down to 70 percent to being dead so fast that I thought he forfeit. I've never died that fast to ANYTHING and he obviously got REALLY lucky with the crits and he did pop avatar and everything. Still BS that on 6K resil and with both my heals going he could dish out that much damage in 3 seconds.

Definitely OP damage wise but like I said I win most vs Warrior so not going to let one fluke duel of dying in 3 seconds change that opinion. I remember in other specs though and with no resilience they raped me no lube and I couldn't fight back.
DK (especially UH) hasn't really changed at all since Cata.

Two new things to remember is if you see something that looks like the desecration effect on the ground drag him out of it, it's a 2 min trinket which prevents CC while he's standing on that ground.

And DK's now have an execute, but they can use it anytime.
The damage only goes off if you are under 35% hp though, and it takes 6 or so seconds after they use it to do anything, so if you have the Soul Reaper debuff make sure you're over 35% when it ends as I'm fairly sure it does quite a bit more damage then Shadowburn (i.e. LOTS).
Warriors hurt my feelings. I don't really mind DKs though. DKs seem strong, and tough for locks, but warriors just seem a smidge overpowered.

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