How far back does your subscription go?

Moon Guard
5/13/2005 I played a few times before that on someone else's account though.
10/07/2012 06:09 AMPosted by Imria
5/13/2005 I played a few times before that on someone else's account though.
Same here, friend of mine had a shaman on Undermine and I goofed around on his account while he was getting his medical treatment. He sat right over my shoulder the whole time to make sure I wasn't doing anything wrong, and I asked him if I could roll a character to see the beginning zones.

Ended up rolling an elf to check things out and was enchanted with the game from the get-go.

On my oldest account. This account only goes back to late 2010.
10/26/2008 N/A Free 10-day Trial

five glorious years of warcraft :) that was actually zombie invasion if you remember right.
Most likely 2006/2007.
My free trial was in late 2.3, 01/12/2008.
4/11/2007... Has it really only been five and a half years?
$14.99 USD
1-month Recurring, $14.99 USD

Free Month

10-day Guest Pass

Came over after the NGE hit star wars galaxies. Though I did go back and was subbed to both games until I finally left SWG in 2009.

I thought I started in 2006. Jesus.

I remember going to GameStop for Star Wars: Galaxies, but the guy there told me the wonders of his adventures in Azeroth so I swung with it. And it was wondrous. Being a Dwarf Hunter in a fantastic new land with my bear bro and The Eighth Sin, the guild I was in. My best friend was Gilgamesh, the top Paladin tank on my server at the time. Those were the days. I may be seeing it through rose-tinted glasses, but damn I miss vanilla.

Judging by all the gaps sized one month to an entire year, it seems I am very tentative.

oh god my life
... Heh. Wow.

My "Free Month" was in 12/10/04. Started a 1-month recurring sub in 1/12/05.

I think I must have accidentally sold my soul to World of Warcraft for still playing this game after so many years. XD

So around Patch 1.11 I think?
I started my free trial on 5/1/2007 and then bought the game not long after that. Wow... hard to believe it's really been that long ago.
4/18/2007. Freshman year of high school. Oh good times...

Apparently I waited a year after getting my night job before I started playing. Shouldn't have waited.

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