the pain!

Is leveling boomkin supposed to be painful?

first time I ever specced into balance was a couple days ago. I've read the stickies and messed around with rotation, but damage just seems bleh. I end up facetanking every mob i pull. It's not really an issue since NS is up so often, but it just seems so slow.

I've tried pulling multiple mobs like some people say they did while they leveled. MF/SF and starfall with shrooms leaves me with 3-5 mobs at 35% hp still....dunno how their rotation would do that much more than mine.

tips, suggestions, or working as intended plz. thanks!
I leveled boomkin rather quickly, and did a lot of aoe farming for quests.
Dots on everything, starfall, pop other cds, refresh dots before they expire, and you can easily kill 6-8 npcs.
Get glyph of the moonbeast, along with glyph of barkskin, and for fighting caster npcs, the glyph of solar beam doesnt hurt either.
For talents, I find mass entanglement very useful, along with cenarion ward, cw combined with rejuve ='s amazing heals.

At times I hated leveling as boomkin, it is a pain, your damage doesnt really increase as you level which can become infuriating for some. Stick it out though, boomkin is a blast at 90, absolutely love it.
85-90 was kinda painful for everyone I think. I feel that I know feral fairly well. I could chain pull mobs but I had to pay very close attention to what was going on. The leveling process wasn't mindless this time.

I hear boomkins depend on scaled gear more than most classes witch would suck for leveling unless you chain dungeons.
boomkin was very painful to level. At first things were fine, but about half way through 86 the mobs got tougher but I didnt scale at all with them. Despite keeping my gear updated even with some dungeon pieces, it was not very fun.
Thanks for the advice Avstil. I changed a couple glyphs up and it made it a bit easier for sure. still not on par with priest leveling, but hey it's all about 90, not the grind.

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