Is there a Brewmaster Heroics (5m) BiS list?

Just wondering if anyone has gone and made a BiS list you can get pre-raid for Brewmaster Monks? Thanks!
I don't think so. I prioritize Stam & Agil for primary stats, then Hit/Exp to cap, then Mastery. I'm barely being touched at all in heroics anymore.
Not really, but you can use this:
There will never be a Brewmaster BiS list because the weights of Brewmaster stats vary widely from fight to fight and change depending on your playstyle. Do you focus on mitigation through Purifying Brew? That's high mastery. Do you focus on avoidance? That's haste and crit. Do you prefer passive tanking? That's high parry. Are you good at picking up your healing orbs? That's hit/exp.

I personally do Hit/Exp to 7.50% then do Haste > Crit > Mastery. I don't use any tanking gear so parry/dodge are never an option which is good because they are my least valued stats. I'm not a big fan of mastery because more mastery means your rotation becomes more cluttered due to constant need to purifying brew, where as hit/exp capping with high haste/crit means I have more Chi at my disposal, more healing orbs, and more Elusive Brew procs (and EB is free).
Well two of the brewmaster trinkets that are weighted very high due to their stats are the agility gives you critical strike, dodge, attack power the haste increases energy regeneration and by attacking faster more chances at a critical auto attack for elusive brew procs . pretty good item the critical strike helps with elusive brew procs and once again the agility is our best stat you can reforge some of the critical strike to expertise. is also very solid stamina for increased health pool with attacks having chance to give dodge. as for weapons stat wise 2h the Klaxxi spear from exalted is very good second best would be Ghostheart

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