Still cannot connect, not even to Starcraft?

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Well, from the WoW screen it says restarts will be 15minutes per realm, and about a hour overall for the entire process.

Well um, they also said that was at 10AM this morning? PDT..

So umm, what's going on? I would love to play. lol.

(Also, before people say omfg, you can't play 1 day? go get a life!)

I just want to say, I have worked the past 9 days with no day off, have been sick the entire time as well, and finally today is my day off work.. ALSO! It is raining and gross outside so that's kinda a bust too, no grilling, no really fun stuff either with all this rain, lol.

TL;DR --- Anyone able to log in yet? >< lol The server list shows the servers as being ONLINE
Yeah, I can't connect either. Not sure what's up. I have to finish my Anglers dailies D:
Srsly, the wife and I said: "Meh let's play some SC2 instead..." And NOPE! can't get in there either. /fumes
I'm going to ook everyone in the dooker when I'm finally able to log in!
inb4 Starcraft has nothing to do with this forums
Well !@#$. I was about to play Starcraft 2.

Too bad your wife and you can't play LAN.
Same here. Everytime i hit log in a connect screen pops up and just sits there.
Bigger QQ
All I wanted to do was pokeWoW. :(
Still down :(
10/07/2012 11:12 AMPosted by Grubblugus
inb4 Starcraft has nothing to do with this forums

Dumbies gone Dumb.
I feel your pain man dont have much time to play anymore but when i do this crap happens and on a sunday ffs.
[quote=Posted by Nethaera
We are aware of the issues with the login servers that some players are experiencing. We're currently investigating a resolution and will keep you informed.[/quote]

Some players
Some players
Some players

God is probably stuck at the connecting screen also.
Well says all servers are up on Realm status so their restart has obviously screwed the login servers... wont even authenticate.... sigh good one Bliz
My gf's account is in but my own will not come up. "Connecting". Directed to same server as well. I might try restarting.
Ya. Still down.
What is going on I cannot connect on a easy Sunday afternoon... Blizzard HELLOOOoooo

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