Still cannot connect, not even to Starcraft?

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also im a lions fan and the tigers game isnt on reg cable gimme mah damn wow peez
I'm still stuck on connecting as well. Just have to give it time..

I just want to say, I have worked the past 9 days with no day off, have been sick the entire time as well, and finally today is my day off work

14 days in a row here. Come ON!
Sigh, this again... We went through this a few days ago. What was suppose to be a 15 minute restart took over an hour to resolve. I was online when the servers went down today (as usual) and I am not surprised that we have been waiting to get back online for 45 minutes. Last time this happened we were told by a monitor that it would eventually log you in after 10 minutes. My log-in screen has been stuck for 22 minutes and nothing has happened, so I am not surprised. Annoyed? Yes very!!! - We pay to play and every minute that we are denied access to the game is money out of our pockets. <yet again and this time on a weekend>
When I get on I am going to Punt something like the new punting Vermin starting with Blizzard :P
Game over man, game over.
im gay
Guess it's time to try that one thing I bought a while ago, err... Gold wars 2? Idk, something like that, worth a shot.
Can't connect on Undermine. :( I wanted to do my Tillers dailies before work.
SORRY..... i thought they said "cut the RED wire" ....
I was planning on collecting pets and hitting lvl 90 today...
I still can't get in :(

Almost 90 too :(
Ok Blizzard posted an update. it says " The server restart is causing an issue with the authentication servers" so just go get a beer and chill the f#$% out it will all be fine in a day or so :P
If you check the log in screen now, it says that they're "experiencing issues after the restart" now or whatever.

I don't mind, I got through most of my life without WoW and I have no problems finding other things to do with my time.

Try reading a book?
Cleaning ladies obviously unplugged the login servers to vacuum again ..haha
what a way to spend a Sunday. watching the connecting screen. good times
Can't connect, would like to get some dailies done before my class today but QQ won't happen.
Yep still will not authenticate
Questing on a Sunday afternoon? Forget about it! go and meet your kids :P
Whats going on Blizz ? Decide to have an extended coffee break. Glad to see that I returned to WOW and run into the same old BS. Would be nice to get what I pay for (tuesday is long enough)

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